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Stuck and not sure where to turn?

What is Tarot? 

Tarot has often been misunderstood. Tarot is an intuitive art form meant to provide a deeper connection to your (higher) self-awareness. It is meant to provide insight to your innermost truth and help  you find ways to tackle and overcome obstacles when you may need some guidance in your life.
The goal is to provide you with light to your blind spots and have you zoom out and zoom back in.

  • Benefit: Everyone's situation is different, only you can better yourself and understand your own obstacles or triumphs in life.
  • Feature: Different perspectives, interpretations and connections to help you in your journey.
  • ​History: Tarot has been used as far back as the year 1440! It may not have an exact formula and everyones interpretations are different.

Helpful Tarot is here to help you make your own, informed decision about your own situation. We aim to provide you with enough insight, perspective and connection within yourself for those situations you may be struggling with or needing to celebrate.

We want you to continue to be your own advocate as well as taking charge of your own life.

Aiming to find the positives in each situation has helped so many throughout the years.

Is Astrology the same as Tarot?

What is Astrology 

Is there a connection between Tarot card and astrology?

Tarot cards can hold an endless supply of symbolism—but you might not know that it's also deeply connected to astrology.

Astrology is meant to enlighten you to a deeper connection with yourself and the similarities of your personality and behavior based on planetary positioning. Is it not an exact science nor should it be, it is to provide intuitive guidance and may not be fact based.

  • Benefit: The philosophies of tarot and astrology often relate when presented together. Astrology has been practiced as far back as the 2nd millennium BCE.
  • Feature: Things can differ when it comes to focus and interpretation. Presenting authentically to help you to process or see things you may not have otherwise been able to see. Guiding you to your own intuition.
  • Iconic: Tarot is more thoughts and practical knowledge while astrology is more specific in astro placements and more for a timeframe.

How can Helpful Tarot help me?

What do you provide? 

Helpful Tarot is commited to helping those that seek guidance and a different perspective.

Despite popular belief, predicting the future is not what this is about. The future is unknown and there are outside factors that nobody can control.

Aiming to assist and provide you with a well rounded thought process is our goal. We are all equipped with out own intuition and for those times that you need some assistance, we are here to help provide you with the perspective or tools to find it within yourself for your particular situation in life that you are seeking.

  • You and you alone are responsible for the decisions you make in your life. We here at Helpful Tarot are here to read tarot and provide you insight to your own intuition.
  • ​We do not claim to have any inner knowledge of what you are going through and although can provide personal readings, they are in no way meant to hold others responsible for your decisions or what happens/doesn't happen in your life.
  • ​Helpful Tarot is not responsible for your actions or responsibilities but hope to be able to help you find clarity along  your journey.  

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